Dear Valued Customers,

As per COVID-19 regulations of January 3, 2022, we are open for essential and non-essential services. Services are available by appointment only. If you would like to book an appointment please contact us with your name and service request, by one of the following options;

Text      –   519.496.1916

Email   –

Phone  -  519.579.7433

Exciting News!

NEW E-COMMERCE WEBSITE …. You are now able to purchase a wide range of products and services directly on our new e-commerce website. Please visit our website , instagram  , facebook  or join our email club for further updates and exciting launch promotions.

Appointments required for all essential and non-essential services!

In an effort to protect our guests and staff at this time a few new procedures are put in place. Please read the questions below and if you answer yes to any of them we kindly ask you to re-schedule your appointment with us.

  • Are you currently feeling unwell or experiencing flu- like symptoms?
  • Do you have fever over 100.4 degrees F (38C)?
  • Have you been around a person with known COVID-19 case?
  • Have you self-isolated for two weeks if you traveled outside the province?
  • Kindly wear a mask
  • Show up for your appointment on time or we may not be able to serve you
  • Follow social distancing recommendations (6 feet)
  • Please use hand sanitizer when you enter and leave the salon. We have them at the front desk and in the rooms
  • We ask you not to bring friends or family unless they, too, have an appointment booked with us as we have capacity limits and can only have a limited number of guests in the front lobby
  • When you would like to see or purchase a product let us help you by collecting it for you
  • At this time we will not be able to provide change, but do accept cash, Interact, Visa, MC and AMEX
  • All equipment will be sanitized and disinfected twice after each use for your safety. We use Health Canada and industrial strength products recommended for this purpose.
  • We clean and disinfect all free surfaces touched throughout the salon
  • We will provide cleaning bottles with disinfectant and clean towels in each room. Please consider disinfecting your own bed and surfaces touched in the tanning room. We appreciate your help to aid in the containment of COVID-19. Discard the towels in the waste basket when done.

Thank you for being our client and supporting us. We look forward to seeing you!

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