UV Tanning

UV Tanning 101 ..... The lamps in tanning beds emit ultraviolet light (UV) very much like the sun. This UV light is made up of UVA, UVB and UVC light. UVB light stimulates your skin to produce pigment and the UVA light turns that pigment to a brown colour. Tanning beds and lamps are designed to filter the amount of UVA and UVB light your skin is exposed to while completely blocking out the UVC. This filtration produces a controlled environment that minimizes the risk of overexposure (sun burn) while you are developing your tan. Such a controlled exposure is not possible with natural sunlight. Tanning beds come in many shapes and sizes and are equipped with a variety of lamps designed to produce tan results in various skin types. Sun Magic utilizes the latest German engineered tanning technology. Our system's varied UVA and UVB mixes produce optimal tanning conditions for any skin type and exposure requirement. In addition, our luxury equipment line boasts comfort and safety features not found in basic and old technology. For over 30 years, used by 10 Million customers for sunburn prevention, cosmetic appearance, rest and relaxation and treatment of various health conditions. Experience you can trust!