UV Tanning Products

Sun Magic Approved Products ...

Indoor tanning lotions are specially formulated to enhance and speed up the tanning process in conjunction with UV light exposure. They contain necessary nutrients ... vitamins, minerals and proteins ... your skin requires to maintain optimal health and ability to produce and maintain a sun tan. They are not intended for outdoor use. Sun Magic carries the largest selection of the latest and best products available in Canada.

Why purchase tanning products from Sun Magic? All skin care and facial care products at Sun Magic are carefully selected for their highest quality and concentration in skin health and tanning ingredients from reputable skin care manufacturers. Sun Magic unconditionally guarantees the origin, quality, purity and result of every single product sold through our salons. Reputable manufacturers only sell products through professional salons and do not sell indoor tanning products to the general public. For your safety please verify the origin and authenticity of any products that you may want to purchase from online retailers. Your skin, your tan .... we guarantee it!